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Are You Ready 2 Change Your Career 3 the Better?

2 Bed 3 Bath, a Luxury Harold Team™️, thriving social media brand, and industry disruptor, has experienced rapid growth and is adding to its dynamic franchise network. 2 Bed 3 Bath is a 100% debt free, independently owned brokerage firm and was recently endorsed by Forbes. Our team of professionals is looking for ambitious individuals committed to performing a perfect Harold and to commit to long FORM, multi-BEAT franchise agreements. Please contact 2B3B if you are interested in joining our team. Serious requests with no bits only.

Can we get a suggestion of anything at all...?

Thanks, we heard: "OPPORTUNITY"

Why 2 Bed 3 Bath?

Improv is more than a job, it’s a hobby no one else cares about. 2 Bed 3 Bath can help take your improv career from "tag-out" to "tag-outstanding".


Improv can be a great career for those who have no entrepreneurial drive whatsoever but also want to forge their own way and control their own inevitable downfall, and who enjoy working with others. A large majority of improv agents are independent contractors, making them ultimately responsible for paying their coaches and getting people to come to their shows. Because you are in charge of your improv-business, you're free to set your goals as inachievable as you'd like and leverage our resources to help to distract you from not achieving them. Affiliating with 2 Bed 3 Bath allows you to align with a well-known brand in improv, providing instant credibility.


Your decision to pursue a "career in improv" can be exciting… and daunting. Because of the entrepreneurial nature of improv, the ultimate height of your success is getting a midnight run at some theatre. The value of affiliating with 2 Bed 3 Bath is that you don't have to go it alone. Our strength depends on the success of the agents and brokers who affiliate with us, meaning we are in the business of empowering your achievement. 2B3B University educational offerings have long set the stage for agent productivity that well exceeds the national average. Add to this exclusive resources like our patented glowing blue microchips, which bring big data to your fingertips to help you win more laughs.


It's no secret that the improv lifestyle isn't for everyone. If you're really happy punching a clock and playing hot spot for two hours, this may not be the right fit for you. However, if you enjoy having control of how you work, how high you rise in your "career", and enjoy doing work that "makes a difference in people's lives," affiliating with 2 Bed 3 Bath can be a great decision for your improv career path. It's likely you'll find the culture of your local 2B3B office is in harmony with this mindset. While the entrepreneurial nature of your improv business puts you in control of your grounded/wacky scene balance, we find that many successful 2B3B affiliated improv professionals work in a state of absolute fucking sass. Their love for what they do means that their business is ingrained in all they do, and they're fucking sassy about it.

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